Bienvenido a mi blog


Welcome to my blog: “APRENDE Y SORPRENDE EN 3.0”


I am glad to share with you knowledge, information, facts and curiosities about Social Media Marketing, Social Networks, Content Marketing, WordPress.


I spent most of the time of my life learning and teaching; since I was a child I have been a good student and then, I believe, also a good teacher. When I got into the world of Social Media Marketing and Social Networks in AulaCM (Madrid), I discovered that writing a post is a marvelous way to learn…and to teach.

Many times, on the way home after my classes about Social Media, I happen to ask myself the same question I always ask to my students: “What did you learn today?”

And the answer to that inquiry was probably going to be the origin of next post.

WRITE!” was then the imperative obligation or essential necessity:

Write not to forget

Write to fix your ideas

Write to read it again

Write to explore your doubts and lacks of knowledge

Finally: Write to learn well and to learn more!

And then SHARE.

Sharing posts it’s a way to become part of the “collective knowledge” that is being creating on the internet and to take part in its development. This really gives me the sensation to be helpful to other people while at the same time other people’s posts are helpful to me. This mutual support online at the end leads me to the responsibility of writing better contents, improving my posts and improve myself as a professional of Social Media.

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